Over 20 Years experience on automotive clusters and body control modules makes your best choice for high quality repairs, mileage correction service, as well as software on the net.


Fastest return shipping!!!

We offer same day repair and return shipping and prefer UPS as our standard carrier so we can rest assure you get delivery, on time!

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Whether its Mileage Correction, Mileage Rollback, or Mileage recalibration you need, we have the answers, Hardware, software and services you need. Also a unique  support "callback service" anywhere in North America. You dont pay long distance charges!!


Standard Disclaimer On The Use Of Our Products And Services

It is unlawful to use our products, software and or services to misrepresent mileage. Our products, software, and services are designed for the restoration of displayed mileage on vehicles that require the need for it. Thank you.

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