Services, has specialized in the repair and calibration of digital and analog odometers and speedometers since early 1986. Now online, we offer adjustment, programming, and correction of most digital odometers and speedometers. We service both foreign and domestic cars with same day in and out service. AND we ship worldwide. All we require is year, make and model and the last known mileage, and your DAYTIME shipping address. (Packages sent back to you require a signature)  Always a good idea to enclose your telephone number in case we need to contact you.

We also repair most makes and model Instrument Clusters. Sticky needles?  Dim or absent backlighting? Incorrect Displays? Not an issue for us here. We have seen and done it all!

We  also offer Instrument cluster  customization, IE: Led lighting options, custom Speedometer overlays and more!!

Contact us for Shipping Info.

The price is $275 USD including return shipping. International money orders, Contact us for Payment Instructions.  SEND THE DASHBOARD FACE UP AND WRAP IT WELL. WRITE DOWN  "USED CIRCUIT BOARD FOR REPAIR AND RETURN ONLY."  VALUE $25.00 US.  (when shipping into Canada from a foreign land)

We highly recommend UPS for all your shipping needs.



Standard Disclaimer On The Use Of Our Products And Services

It is unlawful to use our products, software and or services to misrepresent mileage. Our products, software, and services are designed for the restoration of displayed mileage on vehicles that require the need for it. Thank you.

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