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Payment Requirements,

Cashiers check or international money orders, and Paypal only, Contact us for further info.

 Online payments with Credit Cards also via Paypal. (small fee applies)

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Where are we?


West End

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Phone, 780-940-2028


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Please use common sense packaging your instrument cluster, the bigger the box, the more it costs to ship. UPS has online calculators to determine approx cost to ship to us and from us. If shipping to us from outside Canada, you must declare a value of 25.00 cdn and indicate "for repair and return only" Otherwise Canada customs will assume it is a permanent import and assess taxes and duties.


Standard Disclaimer On The Use Of Our Products And Services

It is unlawful to use our products, software and or services to misrepresent mileage. Our products, software, and services are designed for the restoration of displayed mileage on vehicles that require the need for it. Thank you.

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