Why Correct?


To losely quote a line from the movie Armaggedon, " we are going to space on a machine that has over 5 million parts all supplied from the lowest bidder!". The world is hightec now and Murphys law always applies. if it can break, it will. One cant seem to run a computer for more than a few months nowadays without some "bug" getting into the system. Fact is the more complex anything is, there are more chances for error. This is where we come in. Electronics can be a very fragile thing at the best of times combined with heat, power surges etc. We have been working on digital automotive instrument clusters since late 1986 when they seemed to become popular. By an electronics viewpoint they were quite simple back then but times have changed. Redundant memory, microprocessor routines, Axle ratio codes, hour meters stored in reference to engine running time. When resetting these values there is no room for error. Our experience in these fields has given us the ability to offer a rapid and accurate service for our local clients and now we can offer our services online.

Mileage correction is needed when the electronic mileage display shows a mileage which you know to be incorrect. Incorrect odometer reading may be caused by collisions or vandalism. Any electrical disturbances such as boosting the car battery may cause digital mileage to change. We can help by electronically adjusting the instrument cluster to display your requested value.


Standard Disclaimer On The Use Of Our Products And Services

It is unlawful to use our products, software and or services to misrepresent mileage. Our products, software, and services are designed for the restoration of displayed mileage on vehicles that require the need for it. Thank you.

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